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ClientHouse is a leading consultancy for Cloud Computing and CRM applications. The main focal point of our services are strategy consulting, process optimization, implementation and technology consulting.

Your benefits from our expertise:



1. for your processes

The primary focus of CRM is not the underlying technology but the processes you have to work with. ClientHouse has exactly the experience with business analyses and projects you need to improve these processes. And we have the right methods and tools for a long-lasting improvement of your customer interactions.

2. for your future

As a pioneer of cloud-based solutions we have long ago realized the benefits and advantages of cloud computing. ClientHouse can get your data safely into the cloud and make sure that your CRM solution is ready to adjust to the increasingly rapid changes in business processes. ClientHouse gets your company ready for the future.

3. for the success of your business

We can offer you both spirit and expertise. Our team has a passion for the work we do. This passion becomes palpable with our enthusiastic and dedicated approach. And of course it is the things that are done with passion that are bound to be successful.

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